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Weatherization Assistant Manuals

Click on the links below to obtain the manuals pertinent to the Weatherization Assistant:

The Weatherization Assistant User’s Manual (Version 8.9) – This manual documents the operation of the user interface for Version 8.9 of the Weatherization Assistant energy audit software tool. Although the manual specifically addresses Version 8.9 of the software, it is relevant to earlier versions of Version 8 because changes to the user interface have been relatively minor. The manual covers the administrative features of the software as well as the NEAT and MHEA audits themselves. The manual addresses how to install and setup the software, navigate through the program, and initiate an energy audit. All of the user interface forms associated with the software and the data fields on these forms are described in detail. The manual is intended to be a reference manual for experienced users of the Weatherization Assistant, although it could also be used as a training manual for new users.

The National Energy Audit (NEAT) Engineering Manual (Version 7) – This engineering manual delineates the algorithms and assumptions used by NEAT in arriving at its measure recommendations based on the user's input of the building characteristics. This manual was published in September 2003 and, thus, does not include changes made in the program since that time.


NOTE: These publications are available for downloading in the Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) which allows the document to be downloaded, viewed, and printed with all of its original formatting and graphics. To view files in this format, you must first download a copy of the Adobe Acrobat Reader and follow the instructions for installation. PDF files are large and may exceed the buffer limit of some personal or office printers. If you encounter errors printing full PDF documents, try printing the files one or several pages at a time.