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Weatherization Works! Logo

Using a clear, consistent identifier will boost recognition of your program and help distinguish Weatherization from other programs. Download the Weatherization logo to use in all your PIC materials.

Low-Resolution Logo

Use the low-resolution (jpg) version in PowerPoint presentations, meeting materials, and basic communication documents. This version can be imported into most documents and takes up less space than a high-resolution image.
To re-size the image after it is imported into a document: click on the image once and "grab" one of the handlebars in the corner. Stretch the image from the corners only. If you stretch it vertically or horizontally, you will distort the image.

High-Resolution Logo

Use the high-resolution (tif or eps) version in printed materials and professionally-produced documents. If you have a graphic designer, this is the version he/she will want. This version can be altered easily by a graphic designer. The file is much larger than the low-resolution version and will take longer to download.