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Frequently Asked Questions: System for Identifying Technologies and Techniques

How do I make a submission to the SIRTT?
Submissions to the SIRTT may only be made by Grantees of the Program. If you are a Grantee, you may fill out the form available on WAPTAC.

What must I include in my submission for the SIRTT?
Please fill out the form in full and you must include all third party testing for your technology or technique.

Where can I make inquiries on specific technology needs?
In tandem with the SIRTT, the WAP Technical Assistance Center (WAPTAC) web site will also host a message board where state and local agencies can post specific technology needs. These “needs” will be forwarded to the research laboratories and other groups for consideration, development, etc. Network members can also provide suggestions and solutions for these “needs.”

How can I determine whether or not my technology has already been submitted?
Check WAP Federal Regulations 10CFR Part 440 Appendix A. Users can determine whether the product they are interested in having reviewed by the SIRTT is already on the list.

Can I submit a copy of my materials by hard copy or other method?
You are encouraged to submit electronically via the web site; however, hard copy submissions will be allowed in cases of limited Internet access. If you are unable to submit via SIRTT, please contact us.