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Replace Refrigerator? A Retrofit Decision-Making Tool

This refrigerator replacement analysis tool, developed by D&R International, Ltd., for DOE, helps Weatherization providers determine the cost-effectiveness of replacing existing refrigerators in eligible households using the same calculation methods and assumptions programmed into NEAT. It is available for the PC.

To estimate the annual energy use of the existing refrigerator, the Access-based tool for the PC contains the entire CEC refrigerator database. To keep the file size manageable, the PDA tool (below) contains a subset of the CEC refrigerator database. The analysis tool adjusts the energy use values in the database to account for performance degradation due to age.

Alternately, you can enter the results of refrigerator metering. If the kitchen is warmer or colder than normal during metering (possibly from blower door testing), the analysis tool will adjust the metered results to compensate for the temperature difference.

The tool stores data entered by the user on the annual energy use and installed cost of new, replacement refrigerators. The user can also edit the electricity price, economic life, and discount rate used to calculate the savings-to-investment ratio of the proposed refrigerator replacement.
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