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Public Information Campaign Toolkits

Below are a collection of WAP Public Information Campaign Toolkits. More resources can be found under each heading under Public Information.

Weatherization Site Demonstration Toolkit

A step-by-step guide to planning a successful Weatherization Site Demonstration.

Weatherization Day Toolkit

A Public Information Day toolkit to aide in planning Weatherization Day activities. Toolkit includes sample press releases, event ideas, social media examples, and press kits.

WAP Story Telling Manual 

The WAP Story Telling Manual shows how to tell the story of WAP in the most compelling and thoughtful way. Toolkit includes do's and don'ts with examples of well framed stories.

Social Media and the WAP

Social Media is another way to tell the WAP Story. The "Harnessing the Conversation Toolkit" outlines basic social media practices while the more advanced "Social Media 2.0" guide delves deeper into social media tools.