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Public Information


Public Information Campaign

October is Energy Action Month. For WAP, October brings an opportunity to showcase the good work and successes of the program through a Public Information Campaign (PIC), culminating on Weatherization Day on October 30.

WAP operators should consider events, press releases, Weatherization Day Proclamations, and other activities to get the word out that Weatherization Works! There are numerous ideas and resources in this section of WAPTAC. You are strongly encouraged to be proactive and help spread the message that Weatherization Works in local communities, states, and nationwide.

A widespread PIC can be very valuable and influential in educating policymakers, stakeholders, and the general public about the professional work, state-of-the art technology, and beneficial results of the Weatherization Assistance Program.

Please contact NASCSP Energy Services with any questions or if you need assistance. We also request that you send any proclamations, news clips, event details, or other PIC and Weatherization Day items to NASCSP for sharing and archiving.

Spread the Word

Weatherization has an important story to tell: Weatherization Works! Every day, Weatherization helps low-income families conserve energy, save money, and improve their living conditions. Weatherization measures even save lives. Combined savings for energy and non-energy benefits show Weatherization returns at $4.10 for every $1 invested.

A Public Information Campaign is a coordinated effort to create or raise awareness of the Weatherization Assistance Program. A successful PIC is comprised of several components that work together to communicate a clear message.

We are accountable to the public for responsibly investing tax dollars. Through a public information campaign, you can ensure public understanding of the program, develop new opportunities and resources, and build alliances and community support.

WAP's Public Information Campaign (PIC) raises awareness of the Weatherization Program and its numerous benefits. NASCSP, NCAF, DOE, Simonson Management Services, state and local Weatherization offices, and other stakeholders work together to develop PIC materials and resources.

This section contains a public information tool-kit, electronic files, and resource links that can be used by the Weatherization network to implement PIC activities at the state and local level.