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York County commissioners extend program to help people lower their energy bills, About $160,000 worth of funding remains, said an official with the York County Planning Commission.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

York, PA - York County commissioners on Wednesday approved extending a weatherization program that is aimed at helping people with limited incomes pay less for heating and cooling their homes.

George Barnock, chief of programs management and compliance for the York County Planning Commission, said that applications are open for the program and about $160,000 worth of funding remains.

He expects it will be able to help about additional 20 homes.

"I would say that's probably a little conservative, and hopefully, we're able to achieve more," he said.

The standard weatherization program provides insulation, window replacement, weather stripping and other services to reduce energy costs.

Last time: In June, York County commissioners approved spending up to $300,000 for weatherization services through September.

That figure came from unspent money from the county's crisis funding from cold-weather periods. That crisis funding provides emergency furnace repairs and replacement to low-income people.

This time: Not all of that $300,000 that was earmarked was spent, Barnock said Wednesday. He said that money was targeted for people who had previously received crisis funding, but some of those people didn't qualify for the standard funding.

What's next? The standard weatherization program was extended through the end of the year.

The crisis funding season typically begins in November. So the standard and crisis programs will be occurring at the same time for a period, Barnock said.

Barnock said funding for the programs come from the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services through the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development.

How to apply? Call the York County Planning Commission at 717-771-9870 or visit for more information.

Susan McKeever, a senior financial management specialist with the York County Planning Commission, said the program is open to both homeowners and renters.