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Resources from two agencies will benefit homeowners

Friday, August 30, 2013

HANNIBAL, MO. -- All it took was a phone call to a develop a partnership that will benefit a large part of NortheastMissouri.

It's a partnership between the Northeast Community Action Corporation andFamilies and Communities Together.

As the overhead door to the warehouse opened, the NECAC weatherization crew was ready to find themselves material to help weatherize several houses.

"These goods are just sitting here, by this partnership we're able to get them into the hands of men and women who know how to use them and know how to put them in," FACT CEO Stephanie Thomeczek said.

FACT is part of a non-profit network in Eastern Missouri that uses home construction materials discarded by major retailers. The non-profits pay a small fee and they bring home thousands of dollars of merchandise ready to be distributed throughout the area

"We help people everyday and we keep people in their homes," Thomeczek said.

Most of the material the NECAC crew picked up dealt with making a home more energy efficient. FACT doesn't know from week to week what they might be getting. That's why they have a warehouse for storing the materials. It's also why they're excited about the partnership with NECAC

"We're going to be able to help people more and more because their grant money may pay the labor and the volunteer effort to actually go in and install these things , together we can get it done," Thomeczek said.

FACT and NECAC hope with this new partnership they can get a lot done for homeowners for the years to come.

FACT said they don't serve any clients directly.

Anyone who may be in need must be referred to FACT through a local social service agency.

by Jim Whitfield, KHQA