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How Weatherization Helped a Local Family

Monday, July 29, 2013

A local family benefits through a program to help those in need to weatherize their home.

Alicia Dickenson and her family knew their home had problems. Last winter their furnace began acting up and then recently their stove started to set off their carbon monoxide detector.

A knock at their door changed everything. Her home on Homewood Avenue qualified for the Columbia Gas Warm Choice Program. Through the program her home would be weatherized.

"It's fantastic. It's a huge relief. I couldn't explain how worrisome it was thinking what am I going to do when next winter comes. How am I going to make it through the next winter. There's not going to be money. I'm not going to have money for a new furnace," said Dickenson.

Through the Corporation for Appalachian Development workers diagnosed her home, using infrared cameras to determine if the wall were insulated, doing tests to see where the home was leaking air and testing appliances for energy efficiency.

Now the home has some new appliances, furnace, lightbulbs and insulation, saving the homeowners on energy bills.

"Why waste energy when you don't have too," said Housing Program Manager of COAD Tom Calhoun. "Just with some insulation and some air sealing and perhaps a new furnace you can reduce energy consumption in your home by 50 percent and you're more comfortable after that."

Visit Columbia Gas' website to learn more about the Warm Choice Program. Muskingum County Community Action also has some funds available to assist residents with low incomes weatherize their homes.

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Nicole Medaugh