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Falling Temperatures Encourage Home Weatherization

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

ANCHORAGE - As the temperatures drop, experts say time is running out to get your homes winter-ready.

Kellen Swanson has shared her home with her mother, two brothers, two sisters and daughter for over 20 years, and they’re all tired of being cold.

“Maybe next time grandma comes to visit she wont complain that it is so cold at mom's house,” said Swanson, laughing, adding that her grandmother always has on a scarf and winter jacket.

Monday, a crew from RurAL CAP began work on the family’s Midtown home. “We’ve been in the attic pretty much all morning,” said RurAL CAP employee Shawn George, who’s been with the nonprofit since May.

“The first thing we do is air seal the light [and] the bath fan,” said George.
According to experts, along with the warm air, your money can disappear in the winter months.

“Our goal is to lower the energy consumption of the home, and make it more comfortable and reduce drafts,” said Jon Liebsick, field manager and customer service agent at RurAL CAP.

The crew plans on working at the Swanson home for the next few days and, while they are there, Swanson is only asking for one thing.

“I really hope they fix my window, its terrible cause, you know, you sleep all night in the same room and you get that night time air and it smells kind of wonky,” said Swanson. “I would like to open my window, but every winter my window is frozen.”

She shares a room with her 5-year-old daughter and her younger brother, and said that body heat only goes so far.

“I really am glad we were able to get this done before we have three feet of snow,” said Swanson.

RurAL CAP’s weatherization program serves all low and moderate-income families. For more details go to

“I shudder to think what this winter would be like if they didn't do it now.”

Megan Edge
Anchorage, Alaska