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Por Dia Daycare Facility to Receive Energy Efficiency Improvements and Education Demonstration

Friday, January 13, 2012

Cortez, CO (January 10, 2012) -- On January 16th, 2012, in coordination with Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service, AmeriCorps programs nationwide will unite to educate hundreds of families about energy use or implement energy saving measures in their communities. Visit to learn more about Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service. Read further to learn how Clean Energy improves the environment in your area.

The Four Corners Office for Resource Efficiency (4CORE) is teaming up with Southwest Conservation Corps (SCC), AmeriCorps, and Empire Electric Association to enhance energy efficiency at the Por Dia Daycare facility in Cortez on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day at 2 PM.

The organizations will provide free weatherization services to increase safety and comfort for school children, while decreasing energy bills at the facility. Parents and the public are invited to learn more about how to decrease energy use, save money on utility costs, and make their own homes safer.

4CORE completed an initial assessment of the Por Dia school building and is facilitating work to be completed by SCC as a day of service for the MLK holiday. 4CORE and SCC will provide a tour of weatherization improvements between 2pm and 4pm, including insulation, air sealing, lighting, safety, infrared camera use, and easy ways to upgrade at home.

"This is a great opportunity for our school,” said Amy Long, owner of Por Dia Preschool. “With rising utility costs and several heating sources in our preschool, I think weatherization will really make a difference in keeping our children warm, safe, and comfortable, at an affordable rate for us. I also believe our families and community will benefit greatly from the educational session 4CORE is going to provide on saving energy in their homes."
4CORE administers the Weatherization Assistance Program, which is a 34-year old Department of Energy program that strives to increase the quality, safety and energy efficiency of residential, low-income housing through improving energy performance. SCC, through AmeriCorps funding, is one of the main contractors performing services within the program.

"We are excited to celebrate MLK Day by helping to improve the building performance of this school," said Gregg Dubit, 4CORE Director. "The more we can motivate younger generations and their families to save energy, the more households can benefit from saving money to put toward other family expenses."

“Our crew and staff are excited to use the weatherization skills they’ve learned through this program to benefit a school, “said Kevin Heiner, SCC, Program Director.  “AmeriCorps service days present some great opportunities to get out in the community, and we are looking forward to working at Por Dia.”

Por Dia is located at 1515 South Oak Street in Cortez. All participants will be asked to sign-in and sign a release, as this is a childcare facility. For more information, please contact Sandhya Tillotson at 970-259-1916 x115 or


About Por Dia: Por Dia Preschool and Learning Center is a private childcare facility licensed by the State of Colorado for 50 children ages 2 ½ years through elementary school (12 years), and for 10 children age 1 to 2 ½. They provide dependable, safe care for children while parents are working or pursuing other interests. Por Dia’s purpose is to provide a service to the community and parents by providing full day care service, preschool and pre-kindergarten programs, including Head Start/Colorado Preschool Program, and a summer day camp for all children.

About 4CORE: The Four Corners Office for Resource Efficiency (4CORE) is a non-profit organization that advances resource efficiency by facilitating coalition-building, implementing education and outreach, and providing resource efficiency services. 4CORE’s vision: 4CORE, Southwest Colorado’s resource conservation hub, inspires communities to become resilient. 4CORE benefits from the generosity of its partners: the Governor’s Energy Office, Empire Electric Association, La Plata County, Town of Ignacio, La Plata Electric Association, the City of Durango, the City of Cortez, and many event sponsors. More information can be found at

About Southwest Conservation Corps: The Southwest Conservation Corps (SCC), founded as a non-profit agency in 1998, provides young women and men with structured, safe and challenging service and educational opportunities through projects that promote personal growth, the development of social skills, and an ethic of natural resource stewardship.  SCC’s strengths lie not only in its service project accomplishments, but also in its ability to provide a viable work force to the region while offering exceptional educational and engaging opportunities to participants. The SCC weatherization apprentice crew providing weatherization services is funded by a National Operating grant from AmeriCorps.

About AmeriCorps:  AmeriCorps is Clean Energy is an initiative of the AmeriCorps Environmental Stewardship Affinity Group. The group is comprised of AmeriCorps programs across the country whose service is dedicated to environmental projects. One of the groups’ objectives is to promote National Service as an effective resource to meet environmental needs.

To see the press release, please click here.