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Weatherization program aims to warm the cold

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

LEWISTON, ID - Based on income, Community Action Partnership's weatherization program serves nearly 300 homes a year in northern Idaho and Asotin County. Housing Renovation Specialist Dale McGarvey said the program is designed to keep heating costs low by providing energy efficient improvements.

"Most people are really appreciative of what we do," said McGarvey. "It's really nice when we get done. There's definitely some savings there and a lot better comfort for them. Then they're not so reluctant to turn the heat up, It's definitely a lot warmer for them."

McGarvey said the improvements can save residents up to $300 annually. The most common changes they make are insulating walls, floors and ceilings. He said weather stripping and nixing drafty openings are also big cost-saving measures.

Tracci Dial