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Weatherization aid still available despite cuts

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Getting a home ready for Fall and Winter means weatherization and area residents can now apply for some free help.

Economic Security Corporation crews add new ductwork and insulation to the Eby home on Gray Street in Joplin.

The weatherization program gets financial help from Empire District Electric.

Officials say insulation and sealing air leaks in windows and doors can save homeowners up to 24% on utility bills.

And right now Economic Security has extra funding available to serve more residents at a time when assistance for paying utility bills is being cut.

"The programs been in operation for a long time but right now we have stimulus money that lasts another six months so we have an additional amount of money we're trying to spend to weatherize homes," says Tony Wright, the weatherization controller for Economic Security Corporation.

'We've always tried to pay for what we do and I look around there's other people they need something more than we do - I was really surprised - like I said it's a blessing," says Paulette Eby.

To apply for weatherization services you can get an application at Economic Security or your local community action agency.

Lisa Olliges