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BVCA helps households beat the heat

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

YORK — Children running through sprinklers, ice cubes melting in a glass of lemonade, the hum of air conditioners fills the air . . . there’s no doubt about it, summer is here!

With it comes a heavy burden for many people as they struggle to keep up with the cost of cooling their homes.

Homes that are inadequately protected against the weather are not only costly, but can be dangerous for those residing there. Blue Valley Community Action Partnership (BVCA) can help eligible households save money and stay cool this summer.

BVCA Partnership’s Weatherization Crews work year-round to weatherize homes in Butler, Fillmore, Gage, Jefferson, Polk, Saline, Seward, Thayer and York Counties in Nebraska.

The goal of the weatherization program is to reduce the burden of energy prices on the disadvantaged by making homes more “air-tight” and more energy efficient. Most houses have cracks and holes that can’t even be seen, especially around windows, doors and pipes.

Cool air heads straight for those cracks and escapes outside. The same thing happens with air from the heater in the winter. Weatherizing a house stops air from escaping.

BVCA Partnership provides no cost weatherization of homes to income eligible families. Once an evaluation of the home is performed, BVCA’s weatherization crew determines what could be done to make the home more efficient.

The weatherization process may include improvements such as weather-stripping, installing new insulation, repairing or replacing ineffective windows and doors, patching damaged areas of the home, and addressing faulty or dangerous heating and cooling systems.

The benefits of weatherization include: warmer homes in the winter and cooler homes in the summer; it provides for a safer living environment; and utility bills will be lower.

BVCA is seeking applications for weatherization assistance. Interested individuals should contact their local Blue Valley Community Action Partnership office for additional information and for an application. Individuals may also contact BVCA’s Weatherization Office at 729-2278. Visit the website at  for a list of offices and for information about programs.

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