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Saving Money and Energy with Home Weatherization

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

SISSONVILLE, W.Va. (WSAZ) -- For the Coalfield Community Action Partnership, saving money and energy is the main goal when it comes to people's homes.

The group works year round to make low-income homes more energy efficient.

Workers say the vents that blow air into your home can suck the most money out of it.

“A lot of times there's gaps, cracks, improper installed floor boots or something to that nature that does create a pretty big heat loss in a home,” a Community Action employee said.

It’s those types of problems that the group works to fix.

Community Action also checks the amount of insulation, your water heating system and even how cost effective your refrigerator is. Those are a few small steps that can make a big difference for your wallet and your health.

“People who have heat in their homes in the winter time are less apt to be sick. People come to work on time, things like that. So it affects the entire community what we do,” Jackie Rader, Weatherization Coordinator, said.

Rader says people who have had their homes weatherized by Community Action save an average of $430 a year.

Cathleen Moxley