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Luther pilot weatherization project under way

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

DECORAH, Iowa --- The Luther College Sustainability House is weatherized and ready for impending winter weather, thanks to help from the Winneshiek Energy District weatherization project.

WED project workers made the house more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

Standard light bulbs were replaced by compact fluorescent light bulbs, outlet seals were placed around light switches and electrical outlets to prevent air flow and window and door caulking was done throughout the house to prevent outside air infiltration.

WED tests determined that before the weatherization project, 46 percent of the total in-house air was exchanged with outside air each hour. After the Energy District project, 34 percent of the air is exchanged each hour.

The Sustainability House weatherization is a pilot project that demonstrates what weatherization can do to decrease energy use in the typical home in Winneshiek County.

"It's neat to think of the impact this weatherization team will have on homes throughout Winneshiek County," said Maren Stumme-Diers, Luther assistant sustainability coordinator. "This program provides a way for people to save money while becoming more energy-responsible consumers."

Founded in October, the Winneshiek Energy District is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting stewardship and sustainability in Winneshiek County.

In partnership with the Green Iowa AmeriCorps, a community service organization hosted at the University of Northern Iowa's Center for Energy and Environmental Education, Energy Corps provides energy conservation installation services to homeowners.

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