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Free weatherization offered to residents

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Thousands of homeowners and renters in Wake County are eligible to have their homes weatherized this summer free of charge, a move that can help them stay cool in summer and save a bundle all year long. The Weatherization Assistance Program is part of a federally-funded initiative of the US Department of Energy (DOE), to help qualifying families weatherize their home by implementing or installing a variety of cost-saving measures. Repairs and upgrades can include the insulation of attics, walls, floors, and pipes, sealing and insulating duct work, installing smart thermostats and low-flow shower heads, and providing tune-ups for heating and cooling systems.

Refrigerators are metered for energy efficiency and may qualify for replacement. In fact, weatherization can cut power bills by up to a third, with an average energy savings of $413 per year. The Weatherization Assistance Program has already helped many families in Wake County. For Junenell Blackmon, whose home was weatherized last fall, the program has been a blessing.

“I feel both lucky and fortunate to have found out about this wonderful program,” said Blackmon. “My home is definitely cooler this summer, and we were able to stay much warmer this past winter. The air just feels fresher and smells cleaner. We were also pleased that the workers were very respectful of our home and of my family. I would recommend this program to anyone who qualifies.”

In Wake County, the Weatherization Assistance Program is administered by Resources for Seniors.

“We are eager to help families reduce their energy bills so that they can use that money to purchase necessities such as groceries and medicine”, said David Cottengim, President of Resources for Seniors. “People often think of weatherization as something you do in the winter, but weatherizing for the heat and humidity of summer is just as important. Through the Weatherization Assistance Program we can help people stay cooler in the summer, warmer in the winter and live in a safer home all year long.”

The Weatherization Assistance Program is targeted towards low to moderate income households and there is no age requirement. Single family homes, mobile homes and certain multi-family dwellings (for which special guidelines apply) are eligible to be weatherized as part of this program, with priority response given to the elderly, people with disabilities and families with children For more information about the Weatherization Assistance Program in Wake County, please call (919) 713-1570 or visit

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