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Use Numbers

The Weatherization Assistance Program has compelling, concrete data that can illustrate the impact of the work through energy savings, utility bill savings, job creation, carbon emissions reduction, and homes weatherized. We recommend using these statistics as much as possible as they make a strong case for the Program. Be sure to use statistics that will resonate with the average reader such as homes weatherized or money saved; using numbers from say a blower door test will only confuse the reader without conveying your message


  • The program has already weatherized more than 6,000 Arizona homes, saving occupants $30 to $100 a month on their energy bills.
  • The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funding for the Weatherization Assistance Program to assist residents in its service area has assisted more than 1,100 households and has invested millions of dollars into the local economy.
  • Weatherization saves each house in the range of $400 in heating and cooling costs annually at current prices. For every dollar invested into the program, weatherization returns $2.51 to the household and society.