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Water Heater Guide

A Retrofit Decision-Making Tool

Incorporating Water Heater Replacement into the Weatherization Assistance Program helps Weatherization providers determine the cost effectiveness of replacing existing water heaters in eligible households with new:

  • Standard tank water heaters,
  • Whole-house tankless water heaters,
  • Heat pump water heaters, or
  • Solar water heating systems.
The toolkit contains a Microsoft Word file that describes the circumstances under which existing water heaters may be replaced with DOE funds. The document describes different water heating technologies and answers frequently asked questions about water heater replacement as a Weatherization measure.

A Microsoft Excel spreadsheet is included to allow Weatherization providers to estimate the energy savings and compute the savings-to-investment ratio (SIR) that may result from potential water heater replacements. To make the spreadsheet tool easier to use, default values are included for certain performance parameters, as well as fuel prices and climatic conditions.