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Weatherization Assistant

Weatherization Assistant 8.9
Weatherization Assistant 8.6
Weatherization Assistant Manuals
The Weatherization Assistant is an energy audit software tool developed for the DOE Weatherization Assistance Program by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. The Weatherization Assistant contains the National Energy Audit Tool (NEAT) for site-built single-family houses and the Manufactured Home Energy Audit (MHEA) for mobile homes. In addition, Version 8 of the Weatherization Assistant provides expanded optional capabilities that are useful in implementing and administering weatherization programs, including agency-related contact information, client data intake, recording of health and safety issues, recording of diagnostic measurements, work orders, status tracking, simplified cost accounting, inventory control, report generation, site mapping, and digital photo storage. The Weatherization Assistant Features provides a more detailed description of the Weatherization Assistant and the Update History identifies the improvements made in recent versions of the program. Click on one of the links above to download the Weatherization Assistant program, optional files needed to use the Graphic Information System (GIS), manuals for the Weatherization Assistant, and other support material.

Training and Support on the Weatherization Assistant is available free to states and local weatherization agencies implementing the DOE Weatherization Assistance Program. A free web-based training tool is also available for all users of the Weatherization Assistant. The web-based training tool covers all of the Weatherization Assistant’s various features and duplicates the in-person training provided to states and local weatherization agencies