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2013 NASCSP Mid-Winter Conference | Arlington, VA

Listed below are the documents and presentations given by the Department of Energy (DOE), NASCSP staff, and State Directors at the 2013 NASCSP Mid-Winter Conference held in Arlington, VA from February 27th through March 1st. Presentations are listed according to the day and session in which they were delivered. All presentations are posted as PDFs, powerpoints are available upon request to

Wednesday, February 27 ^

Message from our Federal Partners - Annamaria Garcia
Annamaria Garcia, Program Manager, WAP, OWIP, EERE, U.S. DOE
The Weatherization Plus Health initiative is a national effort to enable the comprehensive, strategic coordination of resources for energy, health, and safety in low-income homes to ensure energy efficient and healthy indoor environments by facilitating the establishment of strong, effective partnerships between CSBG grantees, WAP grantees and Healthy Homes providers. This session will put the initiative in plain terms, tell you why you should care about it, and briefly introduce the new and improved resources available. You’ll see some State models for implementing Weatherization Plus Health, and, finally, you’ll hear from someone who is freshly embarking on the Weatherization Plus Health journey at the State level. There will be time for questions and answers.
Presenters: Jenae Bjelland, Director, Healthy Homes, NASCSP; Kelly Cutchin, Technical Advisor, SMS; Lynette Praster, Director, PA Department of Community & Economic Development, Center for Community Services

Thursday, February 28 ^

This session will cover issues dealing with work quality, training, and accreditation of WAP, including:
  • National Evaluation findings and recommendations
  • Work standards, accreditation, and certification overview

Presenters: Erica Burrin, Acting Team Lead, Field Operations, WIPO, U.S. DOE; Joel Eisenberg, Program Manager, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Josh Olsen, Policy Advisor, WIPO, U.S. DOE; Jennifer Somers, Team Lead, T&TA/ Senior Policy Advisor, WIPO/EERE, U.S. DOE; Cal Steiner, Program Manager, ND Department of Commerce, Division of Community Service
This session will provide an overview of DOE changes and updates to WAP, including the outlook and funding for PY 2013, the status of T&TA initiatives, and the National Evaluation.
Presenters: Robert Adams, Supervisor, WAP, WIPO/EERE, U.S. DOE; Erica Burrin, Acting Team Lead, Field Operations, WIPO, U.S. DOE; Joel Eisenberg, Program Manager, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Holly Ravesloot, Program Specialist, WIPO, U.S. DOE; Jennifer Somers, Team Lead, T&TA/Senior Policy Advisor, WIPO/EERE, U.S. DOE

Friday, March 1 ^

Leveraging LIHEAP and Other Strategies
With DOE WAP funding at lower levels than needed to sustain the WAP Network, LIHEAP and other sources of funding are becoming even more indispensable. LIHEAP presenters will provide some updates on best practices in LIHEAP/WAP collaborations and partnerships with state LIHEAP offices. Additionally, this session will also cover State roles in facilitating connectionsbetween WAP and utility programs and other leveraged funding to enhance WAP services beyond what they can do with DOE funds.
Presenter: David Fuller, Manager, Energy Conservation Unit, MA Department of Housing and Community Development;
Presenter: Lisa Kesecker, Consultant, NASCSP
Presenter: Matthew Orlovick, Program Analyst, Division of Energy Assistance, OCS/ACF/HHS