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29 Days and Counting to Weatherization Day 2015!

Thursday, October 01, 2015

National Weatherization Month starts today! Sure, October 30 is Weatherization Day, but why not take the whole month to build up the anticipation to promote the program and your good work?

This is a great time to involve your partners in publicizing your activities. Bringing in partners – like healthy homes, CSBG, housing, State Energy Program, and LIHEAP stakeholders – can build support for the WAP and show how connected the program is to the community. Try inviting partners to an event or holding a joint event, issuing a joint press release, or working out a social media campaign. When we engage with partners, we broaden the reach, scope, and meaning of the program.

Need some tools? Visit WAPTAC to find:

Still not sure what to do for Weatherization Day? Email Katrina Metzler at or call at 202-624-5867 and NASCSP can help!

Please send any proclamations, news clips, event details, or any other Weatherization Day items to NASCSP to collect. Also, make sure to check out our weekly mini-toolkits, featuring social media suggestions to really build the online buzz leading up to Weatherization Day! Join in the conversation with #weatherization and #WXDayOct30! We'll be posting to WAPTAC Blog and to the State of Poverty Blog for maximum exposure and to let our partners and non-WAP readers join in the energy. 

Thanks for all your hard work!

Posted by: Rae Tamblyn at 12:04 PM
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