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Weatherization Day was a Success!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Another successful Weatherization Day has come and gone. This year, 18 different Grantees held events or public information sessions, including ten Mayoral and Governor's Proclamations from places as diverse as North Carolina, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, and New Hampshire.

A list of Weatherization Day events, news clips, invitations, and proclamations can be found on hereIf you do not see your event listed, or have more information you'd like to share including pictures or invitations, please send it to NASCSP at NASCSP will be handing out awards to states that participated in Weatherization Day 2013 at the upcoming NASCSP Mid-Winter Conference in March 2014 in Arlington, VA so be sure you and your sub-grantees are recognized for your hard work!

Holding site demonstrations, writing letters to Governors or Representatives, and doing public information campaigns are not activities reserved solely for Weatherization Day. For tips or ideas, visit

Posted by: Rebecca Stewart at 11:07 AM
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