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29 Days and Counting to Weatherization Day 2015!

Thursday, October 01, 2015

National Weatherization Month starts today! Sure, October 30 is Weatherization Day, but why not take the whole month to build up the anticipation to promote the program and your good work?

This is a great time to involve your partners in publicizing your activities. Bringing in partners – like healthy homes, CSBG, housing, State Energy Program, and LIHEAP stakeholders – can build support for the WAP and show how connected the program is to the community. Try inviting partners to an event or holding a joint event, issuing a joint press release, or working out a social media campaign. When we engage with partners, we broaden the reach, scope, and meaning of the program.

Need some tools? Visit WAPTAC to find:

Still not sure what to do for Weatherization Day? Email Katrina Metzler at or call at 202-624-5867 and NASCSP can help!

Please send any proclamations, news clips, event details, or any other Weatherization Day items to NASCSP to collect. Also, make sure to check out our weekly mini-toolkits, featuring social media suggestions to really build the online buzz leading up to Weatherization Day! Join in the conversation with #weatherization and #WXDayOct30! We'll be posting to WAPTAC Blog and to the State of Poverty Blog for maximum exposure and to let our partners and non-WAP readers join in the energy. 

Thanks for all your hard work!

Posted by: Rae Tamblyn at 12:04 PM
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Weatherization Day was a Success!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Another successful Weatherization Day has come and gone. This year, 18 different Grantees held events or public information sessions, including ten Mayoral and Governor's Proclamations from places as diverse as North Carolina, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, and New Hampshire.

A list of Weatherization Day events, news clips, invitations, and proclamations can be found on hereIf you do not see your event listed, or have more information you'd like to share including pictures or invitations, please send it to NASCSP at NASCSP will be handing out awards to states that participated in Weatherization Day 2013 at the upcoming NASCSP Mid-Winter Conference in March 2014 in Arlington, VA so be sure you and your sub-grantees are recognized for your hard work!

Holding site demonstrations, writing letters to Governors or Representatives, and doing public information campaigns are not activities reserved solely for Weatherization Day. For tips or ideas, visit

Posted by: Rebecca Stewart at 11:07 AM
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Weatherization Day is NOT Shut Down

Monday, October 07, 2013

Weatherization day is October 30 - about three weeks away! As we enter the second week of a federal government shutdown, getting the word out about the Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) is more important than ever. While it is easy to brush off current events as not relevant and go about your business, the federal government shutdown has real, relevant effects – effects that most people do not see or recognize. This is your chance to show policymakers, stakeholders, partner groups, and, most importantly, the public the impact that stopping the flow of federal funds to the WAP has on jobs, low-income people, and communities.

The Weatherization Assistance Program Technical Assistance Center (WAPTAC) has a host of materials and resources to help you get the word out this October 30. Why not:

All of these steps may seem small and to pale in comparison to the crises in Washington, DC these days, but small steps compounded across the country make a giant leap – a leap we need to keep WAP running nationwide.

As always, contact NASCSP with any questions or if we can be of any assistance in your Weatherization Day efforts. 

Posted by: Rebecca Stewart at 5:56 PM
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Nine Weeks Until Weatherization Day!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Nine weeks and counting to Weatherization Day! Weatherization Day is a great time to host events that showcase your program to local stakeholders, partners, and Representatives. Last year, over twelve states hosted Weatherization Day events. Examples include:

What are you planning?

Posted by: Rebecca Stewart at 9:04 AM
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A Tribute to Cal Steiner

Thursday, June 06, 2013
We salute Cal Steiner, long-time WAP professional extraordinaire. After a 30+ year career, Cal has officially resigned his position as North Dakota WAP Director. Cal has been a very familiar name and face for many years, both as a highly sought after trainer and as a network leader and spokesperson.

I think what made Cal so respected by his peers isn’t just the fact that he’s so passionate about the Weatherization Program, but that his undeniable expertise is so readily apparent. Cal’s perspective regarding program issues and his training are based on his extensive experience in grassroots WAP operations. There is nothing theoretical about it – his positions are based on personal involvement and thoughtful analysis of what he has experienced and learned.

Rather than take credit himself, Cal goes out of his way to give credit and recognition to WAP field staff, realizing (dare I say, preaching?) that the ultimate success of the Weatherization Program is due to their work. He always advocated for proper equipment, training, recognition, and compensation.

Cal – you will be missed and the WAP network won’t be quite the same, but you have certainly earned some R&R. Enjoy some time to do those things you had to put aside while working so diligently for WAP. I suspect and hope we might see you again assisting the Program and people you served so well for so many years.

Take care, my friend.

Posted by: Bob Scott at 4:03 PM
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Looking back on Weatherization

Monday, January 07, 2013
State & Local Energy Report is proud to present the documentary film Filling the Gaps: The History of the Weatherization Assistance Program. Produced in partnership with the National Association for State Community Service Programs, it tells the complete story of the Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP). Through interviews with the pioneers of WAP, the film shows how a modest plan to put people back to work grew into a sophisticated, technologically driven program that's played a major role in advancing building science.

Filling the Gaps looks back on the full history of WAP, from the Carter administration to the present, pausing for an in-depth look at ARRA that celebrates its achievements and counters the misconceptions. At its core, Filling the Gaps is the heartwarming story of the hardworking men and women of weatherization who have dedicated their lives to helping those who need it most.

To view the trailer of the video on the State and Local Energy Report website, click here.

From the State and Local Energy Report.

Posted by: Alice Gaston at 10:05 AM
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Weatherization Day 2012

Wednesday, November 07, 2012
Another successful Weatherization Day has come and gone. This year, eighteen different states held events or public information sessions, including ten Mayoral and Governor's Proclamations from states as diverse as North Carolina, Idaho, and Kansas. While Hurricane Sandy delayed some events on the East Coast, New York got longtime WAP supporter Representative Paul Tonko out at a site demonstration blowing sidewall insulation. 

A list of Weatherization Day events, news clips, invitations, and proclamations can be found on here. If you do not see your event listed, or have more information you'd like to share including pictures or invitations, please email

Holding site demonstrations, writing letters to Governors or Representatives, and doing public information campaigns are not activities reserved solely for Weatherization Day. In the coming months, support for WAP nationwide will be critical as we go through the lame duck period of Congress and beyond into the 113th Congress. For tips or ideas,

Posted by: Alice Gaston at 4:27 PM
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New Online Tool Helps Improve Safety and Energy-Efficiency of Low-Income Homes

Thursday, November 01, 2012
WASHINGTON — The National Association for State Community Services Programs (NASCSP), in partnership with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), launched a new website today,, to connect low-income families with much-needed services and funding to reduce their homes’ health hazards and energy costs. The website provides vital tools and support for the network of service providers, vendors, and community services agencies that comprise the Weatherization Plus Health initiative?a nationwide effort to improve the health, safety, and energy-efficiency of homes for low-income families. brings together two complementary but otherwise isolated Federal programs to improve the effectiveness of both. The Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) helps lower home energy costs, while the healthy homes initiative seeks to mitigate the health hazards associated with substandard housing. DOE recognizes that both efforts require a similar set of services and the home improvements that both provide can be done more efficiently in coordination.

“Most low-income families are eligible for both programs, because of this overlap we can now deliver more comprehensive services to vulnerable families and make local agencies even more effective. That’s going to make a huge difference in a lot of peoples’ lives during these tough times,” said Steve Payne, President of the National Association for State Community Service Programs Board of Directors and Director of the Department of Commerce, Community Services and Housing Division in Washington.

The website uses advanced, interactive mapping technology to connect WAP and healthy homes providers to each other and to their clients. Besides finding local service providers, users may access demographic and climate data, find service territory and political boundaries, identify training opportunities, and more. For the agencies and businesses of the Weatherization Plus Health initiative, provides extensive resources to expand their technical expertise through training programs, networking opportunities for sharing best practices, and online video and photo galleries.

“In addition to searching for partners in the community, agencies can also view health and housing data within their service area, enabling them to adjust programs to address needs that are currently underserved,” stated Timothy Warfield, Executive Director of NASCSP.

“ is a really creative way for these Federal programs to maximize the impact of the funds they spend. In these difficult times, it’s important that necessary services reach the people who need them as quickly as possible,” declared Payne.

Posted by: NASCSP at 3:23 PM
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Three weeks until Weatherization Day!

Tuesday, October 09, 2012
Weatherization Day is on October 30th, just three short weeks away! Now is the time to complete your own State plans, urge sub-grantees to finalize events, and think about other ways to recognize the day in your state. 

A Governor's Proclamation is a great way to celebrate Weatherization Day and show your State's and Governor's support for the program. State and Governor advocacy was key to securing WAP funding in 2011 and may prove critical in this time of tight fiscal policy. We encourage you to work with your Governor's office to secure a Proclamation and show that your state values the WAP. 

Last year, nine states issued Governor's and mayoral proclamations, including Washington State, Idaho, Ohio, Oregon, New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Michigan (the proclamations can be seen here). Not sure you can get a Proclamation in time for Weatherization Day or having trouble planning an event before the election? No problem! Weatherization Day events work year round.
Tools to help draft and implement Governor's Proclamations are available on under Public Information. Templates are available here, and step by step instructions for how to get a Proclamation are in the Weatherization Day Toolkit here.  Still not sure how to go about getting one? Email waptac at for support.

Posted by: Alice Gaston at 2:29 PM
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One Million Homes and Counting!

Friday, October 05, 2012

One million homes weatherized and counting! Thank you to everyone who participated in the millionth home celebration last week. NASCSP would particularly like to thank the South Central Community Action Partnership (SCCAP) and the Community Action Association of Lehigh Valley (CACLV) for their work in putting together site demonstrations to mark the event. 

In Idaho, technicians demonstrated blower door technology, a computerized energy audit, lead safe weatherization techniques, infrared scans of a wall with insulation gaps, and CO testing on a gas range.  The event continued with a luncheon and speakers at the Twin Falls City Park. Speakers at the event included Ken Robinette, Executive Director of SSCAP; Greg Lanting, Mayor of Twin Falls; Rep. Stephen Hartgen, Idaho House of Representatives; Shawn Barigar, CEO of the Twin Falls Chamber of Commerce; Leon Mills, Twin Falls County Commissioner; Bob Scott, Energy Services Director at NASCSP; and other stakeholders, including representatives from Idaho State government, Idaho Power, and GreenFiber Insulation were present.

In Pennsylvania, Sealair, Inc. demonstrated air sealing and cellulose dense packing for exterior walls on a 1905 home that lacked any insulation. Speakers at the event included homeowners Andrew and Lee Ann Garton; CACLV representatives; Donald Mathis, President of the Community Action Partnership; and Alice Gaston, WAP Program Assistant at NASCSP.
Some press highlights: 

The one millionth home celebration is just the beginning in highlighting the success of the WAP. October is Energy Awareness Month and October 30th is Weatherization Day, a perfect time to let your community, Congressional and state representatives, partners, and media know how successful your program is. Need a few ideas on how to celebrate? Get ideas from past years on here. Please send any information about events, proclamations, etc. to so we can collect and place on for future reference!
Let the celebration begin!

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